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ANTI-MLM: Oriflame & AVON

(Case analysis Part 2) To read Part 1 follow the link: Product Issues The products distributed by the agents of Oriflame and AVON are over-priced with 10-20% of the standard cost for the same item in the local market. The prices are close or


(Case analysis Part 1) In my yearly twenties I had a few years of experience dealing with not one but two multi-level marketing companies. Both companies to this day are involved with selling makeup and cosmetics. I will tell you plenty about both and explain

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Promoters of OneCoin found dead in Mexico

Two major OneCoin promoters, Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra (not family related) have been found dead in the city of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico on June 30th 2020. Both men were abducted a few days prior and then stuffed into suitcases. The bodies were then

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“Cryptoqueen” (Part 2)

A doomed pyramid Since the beginning of her business, Dr. Ruja has stated that OneCoin is not opened on the Bulgarian market as part of her operations are managed from Sofia and she doesn’t like to be charged with conflict of interests. Also she openly

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“Cryptoqueen” (Part 1)

The biggest Ponzi scheme in history and still active to this day is the one created by the Bulgarian Dr. Ruja Ignatova a/k/a “Cryptoqueen”. It is a phenomenon related to a relatively well-known crypto currency known as “OneCoin”. Started in 2014 until 2019 an estimated

Phishing Attacks and Hacker Threats

  Phishing, malware, botnet and hacker attacks as a whole are a modern day problem which shouldn’t be underestimated. If you are working for a big company it’s very likely that your IT department has already taken care and established a few things: firewalls, IPSS

The rise of AI and Robots

  The future featured in the movie “I, Robot” from 2004 (production of 20th Century Fox) now seems much more likely now than it used to fourteen years ago. From sci-fi to reality in less than 15 years is quite the step not only for

How to make money online?

  Since nowadays everything is connected with the new technology and the rise of e-commerce people are looking for new methods of earning money and still feel the comfort of not leaving their own living room. Here are some ideas you can use if you’re

How not to fall for shady phone deals!

  Boiler Rooms Explained The birth of boiler rooms is in the late 80s, when companies like Sttraton Oakmont (the firm which Jordan Belfort founded in 1989 in Lake Success, NY) started operating in the USA and obviously other countries followed the model and thirty