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Alibaba VS Tencent – battle of the Chinese giants

  Walmart Inc. executed a large slam at Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and its Alipay digital payment app on March 27, when the Arkansas-based company signed a deal with one of the Chinese giant’s strongest combatants on the field of electronic payment – Tencent Holdings


  Following the Naspers Deal Tencent Holdings Ltd’s (0700.HK) shares fell down over 4 percent on Friday, losing about $23 billion of market value, after the Chinese technological giant’s largest shareholder – Naspers Ltd (NPNJn.J), sold 190 million shares(2 percent of the holding) for the

Successful companies in Japan in 2018

#7 Japanese companies which will achieve profit growth in 2018

Seven Japanese companies which will achieve profit growth this year In the last five years: 2013-2018, several Japanese companies became more and more influential, recognized by the global stock market and eager to draw more shareholders interested in equity. My personal experience with these companies

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Top Ten Chinese companies on the rise

Nowadays China based companies have a strong presence at the global stock market. And not just there – there are tens of thousands of branches all across Asia which originates from Chinese subsidiaries of the ten extremely powerful businesses on the continent. Here is a