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Business mediation during commercial disagreements

Mediation finds useful realization during commercial disagreements. The practice confirms that mediation is most useful in cases with financial claims. Taking commercial conflicts to the courtroom doesn’t work well for the businessmen. The reasons are the high spending costs during the trial, the lack of

Should you save money or invest it?

  Since, you are reading this article you might be more interested into investing your money better than spending or saving them. But why should you? If it’s not obvious, it’s because the world’s economy is built in that way. Whole families operate in this

How to make money online?

  Since nowadays everything is connected with the new technology and the rise of e-commerce people are looking for new methods of earning money and still feel the comfort of not leaving their own living room. Here are some ideas you can use if you’re

How to divide your income

  “Formula of the fisherman” introduced by Stefan Sharlopov   The formula in question is usually used as starting point from the non-specialists but the curious fact is that businessmen and experts are also relating to it. The case presented in this article is generated

How much house can you afford?

   “The 36% rule” explained When you are in the process of determining what you can afford or not a ground rule that’s fruitful to follow is the 36% rule. The overall of your monthly debt payments (student loans, credit card, car note and more),

The best home prices for new buyers in Europe

  Statistics profile of the new buyers around the continent The things in European cities are changing towards the direction of more and more people becoming renters and not owners of real estates. Despite this fact, more and more Europeans are raising their incomes each