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3D printing creates plant-based meat

A revolution in the food industry started more than eight years ago when an American-based company started creating alternative meat (known as Alt-meat) solely using plant-based protein. The final product looks and tastes like regular meat but is in fact constructed in a lab with the use of natural ingredients such as soy powder, carrot fiber, gluten-free flour, etc. This pioneer is Beyond Meat Ltd. The brand is very popular on American soil claiming to have 27 000 point of distribution in USA alone. As of 2020 the company has launched an    e-commerce site in order to sell directly to customers and plans on expanding the production in Shanghai.

The new method

While the American-based company has focused on lab research and development in order to diversify the food industry, a new method of creating food has emerged. That of the 3D printing Alt-meat. Again the product is created using non-animal protein substances. The odd part is that the new method includes 3D printers. The process includes ingredient cartridges full with: plant-based proteins (imitating the muscle), mainly plant-based fats and blood (a mixture of water, natural colors and flavor). After those ingredients heat up inside of the machine they are then “printed” outside layer-by-layer.

The Israeli-based company Redefine Meat has been founded by two men in 2018. These innovators are Adam Lahav – the active CBO, and Eshchar Ben-Shitrit – the CEO. The company emerged as a startup and held its seed round in 2019 raising $6 million funded by the CPT Capital (host of the seed round), Hanaco Ventures, PHW Group and Food Angels.

To see the website of the company follow this link:

Their beef with meat

The company located in the town of Rehovot, Israel, has the mission to redefine the food industry with a more sustainable and highly productive supply chain. One that will save resources while being naturally-based and much healthier in comparison with the current industry.

Until now the factories were confined to use only the meat sold by the animal farms. Apart from the question of adequate sanitary hygiene sometimes the animals are fed with antibiotics, GH or other unnatural substances. Those farm animals are consuming resources which otherwise may supply billions of people with fresh water. The environmental impact is huge as well – one billion cattle beef cows (which are raised to meet the current demand for beef) are polluting the atmosphere with more CO2 gas than all the cars in the world.

Redefine Meat claims that their technology will produce animal-free meat and has 95 % smaller environmental impact, excluding the cholesterol while being more affordable at the same time.

The small company has received its financial boost and it is now planning on recruiting more experts and employees. The 3D printers are expected to supply the restaurant chains not only in Israel but globally until the end of 2020.

Alt-meat segment is expected to reach $140 billion annually by 2030.

Written by: Lyubomir S. Evtimov