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How to make money online?


Since nowadays everything is connected with the new technology and the rise of e-commerce people are looking for new methods of earning money and still feel the comfort of not leaving their own living room. Here are some ideas you can use if you’re aiming for this:

  1. Bitcoin affiliate program. To start a Bitcoin affiliate program it will be an advantage if you already own a website. If not, you can advertise on the social networks. Since the majority of people is having a social profile nowadays this is a program which is open to almost everybody. What you need to do is to give the services that have such an affiliate program a Bitcoin address. They will use this address to make a transaction of BTCs directly to you. From them you will receive a unique referral URL that redirects to their website.

One of the most commonly used affiliate programs is ( From their website users can directly trade Bitcoins for any legal currency. There are several ways to make money from this website:

First, you can profit from the users who visit the website through your affiliate link.  Second, you can earn money from the trades they make on the website after using this affiliate link. And of course, you can always benefit if they register and then you’ll be paid Bitcoins for that.

Have in mind that any form of swindling or or any other foul play or a type of: spamming, fishing, mass mailing is considerate to be forbidden. And when the company finds out, they will deactivate your account.What is also prohibited is hiding iframes in order to capture a new user.It is also stated that the has the right to terminate any account of any user at any given time if the terms are violated. What is allowed though is to put an affiliate iframe or a direct link to the page.

What is the commission ?

Let’s take an example of two people who are trading on this website. So you will receive a 20% from the fees of every 100 USD dollars trade which is made by them (worth in bitcoins). Since there are two of them, the deal equals to 40% of their fees and the standard fee of this website is 1% in bitcoins. Which translates to 0.4 BTC for you. Deals only matter if the whole transactional process is finalized.Payouts are made every day.

  1. Blogging on a website. People still enjoy using websites like this one here – On you can start your own blogging but don’t forget to add an affiliate link to some other website so you can benefit from the trades which are happening there (like Amazon or other e-commerce platform).
  2. Another good idea which is relatively popular is podcasting. As long as you’re a good podcaster, you can talk on any subject you feel like, just don’t forget to put an affiliate link to whatever merchandise you want to promote on your podcast. When a successful trade is completed, you get paid a commission for this sale.
  3. Becoming a website or a magazine writer. Basically you get paid to be a online writer of articles, blogs or other materials. One such site for example is Seeking Alpha and you can easily make between a 100 and 200 US dollars a month from this job. All you have to do is submit a few articles weekly and get approved by the editors and then get published. A transaction is made for every 100 US dollars which you earned directly to your bank account. There are no working shifts and you can do this on your own free time.
  4. Start an online course on Udemy/Teachable. If you have experience with creating webinars or something similar you can get paid for an online course that gets people committed on the set of skills which you are teaching. Actually, there are a lot of You Tubers who are now using this method and are very successful because of their popularity alone. Tai Lopez is such an example.
  5. Sell e-books. This one will work if you are a prolific sequel writer like J.R.R. Tolkien for example. If you are such an author, it is a good strategy to go free at the beginning. You can give your first book and your second book for free just to get the readers hooked. You can also promote the book series using your friends on the social media. Once that is done and everybody wants to get to the end of the storyline, you can release the other parts of the series. From these five or six books which are left you are going to earn a decent profit.

These are 6 very easy and very quick-to-start ideas on how you can benefit from working on your computer. Don’t hesitate to create other ways of making money and share with the rest of us!


Written by: Lyubomir S. Evtimov


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