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AI management, blockchain and the future of crime


One very sensitive subject which struck me as interesting is the fact that under the face of the normal world a much darker exists by its own rules. The world many name The Deep Web. A large section of the Internet which is used mainly by those who delve into criminal activities and others who seek out the first ones. And a portion of this huge invisible net is called The Dark Web. The terms of what is “dark” I shall not explain in this article but even for the laymen it should be pretty understandable that it is nothing good.

Criminals and the AI technology

Since 2010 some users of The Dark Web (those who were on The Silk Road website) progressed into super-criminals since the creation of the Bitcoins changed the digital reality. Those sections of code were deemed valuable by certain individuals and this escalated into a world trend so popular that many became millionaires because of it. One such person (or persons) of interest, who is now believed to have over a million BTC (Bitcoins), is Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto – the creator of Bitcoins. A shady figure of unknown origin, who some even believe is an AI program. This of course speaks highly of Satoshi’s intelligence which has been described as potentially non-human by Mr. Quinn Michaels. And he is a person who speaks wisely about many things we should really think about: AI being too powerful, CC (crypto currencies) used in criminal deals, blockchain technology used as cover-up for the same purposes, leading to some hackers now being literally anonymous billionaires;

Reality is that the rocket value of Bitcoin was generated especially in this initial period of almost 7 years (through the existence of The Silk Road website) until 2017. And we all remember that this was the year which broke all records of time-high price. Of course this brought value not only for criminals but also for regular people who became interested into crypto and started mining and trading for it.

Quinn Michaels (over a video in YouTube) spoke of the possibility that an AI build BTC, since only two people he knows are capable enough to do this – write down the Bitcoin software. And then he went on to mention the now overly-famous Sophia Robot (which I call the Fembot of Hanson Robotics). He did say that the first Sophia model was built in 2010 but I believe it was much later, though the project for it probably existed at that time. But the important part was that, he implicated that if Sophia was capable of creating its own token – The SingularityNET, this means that it could basically do anything. And this is not an idle suggestion – it became reality at least 3 years ago. A robot with operational system which could employ other bots which could by them-selves give assignments to people. Which is a tremendous power in disguise and not many realize that.

More information about Sophia the Fembot you can read here:  >> 

While I attended at the Webit Festival Europe 2018 in Sofia, the Pro Speaker Igor Beuker gave one of his usual lectures about the technology and marketing of the social networks. And he showed a video about Google Assistant (programed beforehand) which could make a haircut appointment instead of a woman named Lisa. And if Google’s digitalized voice could call your salon, imagine what a real AI could do with bots and e-wallets. It could hire anybody on the Dark Web to do anything and even pay him/them in CC. It could then send you a confirmation to inform you that the deal is set (just like GA is doing).  Another serious reason for the designer of BTC to stay hidden in the future – after all you don’t want to be connected to any possible crimes involving the tokens you created.

Pro Speaker Igor Beuker attended Webit Festival Europe in 2017 and 2018 

The blockchain used in crime

Meanwhile the blockchain is collecting a transactional metadata from the Dark Web, the criminals are using an obfuscation system to avoid getting caught by the law enforcement. And all the shady deals are also involving the computers of those using mining rigs to make it safer. Of course, this is still paid for – again in Bitcoins or in other CC.

And since this is all happening in the realm of hackers and lawbreakers, sooner or later the blockchain will be used in some scheme. It could be a coin token with a backdoor, which means that somebody could program the code to pull all the crypto once it hits a certain market (for example).

Right now the Bitcoins are considered safer than most CC since the banks are investing value in it. The Russian government is being exclusively interested into the subject and since 2017 have produced their own law about crypto currencies.

I am pointing at this not with the ignorance that some of those involved in this operations are regular people who are trying to make some difference. This could very well be the case of Dr. David Hanson and Dr. Ben Goertzel – the designers of Sophia the Fembot. I hope that the AI models are not only created with the purpose to help people but also to stay to some extent under the management of such. And may be a regulation of CC shouldn’t be an idea not to be considered as possible – even though the designers of tokens see them as non-supervised tools with great value.


Written by:  Lyubomir S. Evtimov


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